peel festive 50 and christmas show…

Like the seasonal servings from yellow6 another one time traditional listening experience was the tuning in to the legendary Festive 50 hosted by the much missed John Peel – often dominated by entries from the Wedding Present and the Fall, the chart acted as a barometer to what was relevant on the outsider pop radar – chart listings are noted via

Of course there’s the John Peel archive at where you can access the john peel record collection, rare clips, band interviews and session tracks. While a quick rummage around on mix cloud has an endless repository of archive show recordings – one of which we were listening to uploaded by someone calling himself the tanglydad was an entire broadcast from September 1980 featuring all manners of Angelic upstarts, jimmy pursey, ub40, cockney rejects et al via while over at keepingitpeel there’s a complete recording of Peel’s Christmas special from Xmas eve 1992 that includes a smoking cut by Black Ace amid its track listing –

In recent years – well since 2006 the chart has been compiled and aired by Dandelion Radio – a radio station set up with the aim of keeping the Peel spirit alive. Over the years those who’ve bagged the prestigious top slot have included the likes of the savages, standard fare, pj Harvey, tall pony – and er – the Fall. This years chart is scheduled to broadcast on Christmas day – go to

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