6ftplus happy horror holidays podcast

Did we just mention Shonen Knife a little earlier, Osaka’s favourite three chord buzz poppers are included on a special yuletide pod cast put together by the dudes at 6ftplus. Over 90 minutes of twang dragster groove features on the happy horror holidays mix, aside Shonen Knife’s ’sweet Christmas’ there’s asmodeus setting lit to an old Slade classic of old, some los straitjackets, david allen, satans cheerleaders and more. Cutest of the lot is king kukelele and the friki tikis’ kookily doo-wopped ’hooray for santa claus’ while best moment by far is the haunting chill of nox arcane’s ’ghosts of Christmas past’ and the hymnal shimmer of the ice glowed ’do you hear the sound’ by music for zombies – http://www.6ftplus.gravediggerslocal.com/2013/12.episode-87-happy-horror-holidays-2/

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1 Response to 6ftplus happy horror holidays podcast

  1. Thank you for the listen and the kind words! Hopefully, your holidays were great and that your new year started out on a good note. Keep it strange, keep it freaky.

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