Somewhere below you’ll find mention of an old hyperbubble cutie from many, many years back – 2008 to be precise. It seems it was spotted by Jeff of the band who kindly corrected us by stating categorically that no Bee Gees samples where harmed or indeed used in said track and to tell us that the band had happily just released only a few days ago a brand new Christmas warmer in the guise of ‘a synthesizer for Christmas’. this cute bundle of flighty electro pop is acutely framed in the same kind of becoming blip groove that once adorned and adored the grooves of platters stumbling out of the weird imprint sound factory, a lo-fi casio-fied Raincoats happy high on a transfusion of Dollar essences with a side serving of BiS for added affection with Tony Mansfield’s lost songbook stashed up their rainbow jumpers for inspiration. In short two minutes of impish android candy pop festooned in kooky chorus baubles and a distractively catchy hook so infectious they ought to provide jabs. Incidentally the song is accompanied by the cutest of animated videos directed by Ambar Navarro.

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