the epstein

Last outing ‘sophie loren’ was much adored around these here parts, it was of course the flip side to their last single ‘chimes’ which wasn’t a bad ‘un itself all said. The Epstein round off what’s been a successful year what with the glowing reception lavished upon their second full length ‘murmerations’ (which I must admit we have yet to hear) with a special end of year mix tape. Before plans are under way to start recording their third album the band felt there was just enough time to prize another nugget from that aforementioned ‘numerations’ set and rather than lazily dish up the album version they decided to pass the track around various musical friends for them to stamp upon it their own interpretations. So what you have are five versions of ‘Hudson’ – the original, the Phil O wombstep mix, salvation Bill mix, clapping hand remix and TCH remix. First up the original mix imagines idyllic days whiled away under basking summer suns, country coded and dappled sweetly in the sultry arrest of steel guitar florets there’s something here lightly arrested in a seductively alluring prairie glow. Phil O opts to strip matters right back to the bone on his womb step mix, monochrome beats, sparsely clipped samples and moments of frazzled kookiness give this mix an oddly dislocated aura as though it had been put on a hot setting in the frank wobbly and sons tumble dryer. Salvation Bill goes all woozy and dreamy in a fried Panda Bear way for his recalibration while the clapping hand mix relocates things to a lushly heave like chill tipped cavernous cool. Its left to the parting TCH remix to turn in the best of the mixes applying something of hymnal glow to the proceedings the kind of which elicits warm fuzzy feeling all around and with that perfect for the seasonal tidings.


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