Nearly forgot this one in all the hullabaloo, mentioned in passing a while back, festive single from the on the rise ultrasound. Now somewhere about our person I do remember many, many years back getting samplers for what would have been their second album proper following ‘everything picture’, a darker affair and very much going all out epic glam. Of course the split in ranks was a sad shock though the bitterness of the pill was somewhat sweetened a few years later by Richard Green’s newly formed enterprise somatics who if I recall rightly nabbed a single of the missive way back in the day. As to ’modranicht’ available as of now digitally Ultrasound apply the massive, the head bowed, the stately and the stratospheric in other words just to truncate matters, epic. Spiralling soft psych crystalline riff side wind opine a la beatglider, slipstream and spacemen 3 to weave hypnotic shapes, from out of the mist Tiny’s delicate murmurs softly entrance as slowly but purposefully all the intertwining ingredients converge. The result a glorious coalescence of familiar folk rituals from a lost age impacting in celebratory harmony upon an emotionally stirring psych prog dialect to leave you in the wake of its visitation drained and just a tad bit in awe. Scarcely a dry in the house

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