maps and diagrams

And talking of maps and diagrams, there are at least two further Maps and Diagrams releases up for critical consideration next missive out. First up though and just to whet the appetite we have here ‘Forste’. strictly limited to just 100 hand numbered copies pressed up on attractive looking 3 inch CD’s all housed with a postcard and part of hibernate’s ongoing – er – postcard series. Absolutely no information on this, even the press release is mischievously guarded about matters briefly suggesting that Mr Martin breaks away from his usual joyful ambient electronica to voyage into worlds considerably darker and more of out of character. Or at least words to that effect. He does, does he, you see I’m not so sure, certainly ’forste’ is more considered, more thoughtful and considerably more intimate than previous listening encounters. But darker. I suggest not. Meditative maybe for these six suites are tailored and trimmed in mesmeric tonalities; the forlorn sun spot activity viewed on ‘helderberg’ and the dubtronic ambience encountered on the KLF meets Biosphere styled opening ‘meyeri’ suggests that amid the stilled glacial serenity and the glitch grooved mediums ‘forste’ is endowed throughout with a cosmic elegance. A star lit symphony showered in murmuring mirages and silken snow bursts all forlornly sighing in the cosmic heavens embarking on a journey into tangerine dream territories. I’m hard pressed to recall a time when the Maps and Diagrams sound was so expansive and all encompassing, ‘gassefjord’ sounds as though it broken free from the glitch electro kraut groove hybrid station of the klangbad empire while the stilled and graceful snow globed ‘puynax’ emerges from the misty twilight bathed in luxuriant swathes of ethereal silvery whispers. All said our favourite moment is the parting ‘goldfuss’ a seductive cosmic folk flotilla on defrost settings lost in its own spectral configuration transmitting love note broadcasts into the darkening voids.

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