bureau b 2013 sampler

Much loved around these parts, two of the years finest releases came from the Bureau B sound factory in Hamburg with the appearance of Karl Bartos’ ’off the record’ set and Lloyd Cole’s collaboration with Hans-Joachim Roedilius via ‘selected studies volume 1‘- the latter of which aside coming as a surprise not to mention a revelation revealed once and for all Cole’s hidden love for electronic compositions something which first quietly emerged on his ‘plastic wood’ set of 2001. To help celebrate Bureau B’s fine release schedule this year they’ve made available a 90 minute sampler set which gathers together the highlights, the curios and the quite simply stunning highlights from the labels enviable roster. A label that prides itself on the re-issue of lost electronica and kraut rock albums from the forgotten past though in recent times has acted as a safe haven to the likes of Ulrich schnauss, qluster, tar water, pyrolator, junior electronics and of course Karl Bartos – considered the melody man of Kraftwerk. All said one of the labels main achievements has been the issue of lost recordings by the late Conrad Schnitzler of tangerine dream fame whose work is amply previewed here with the inclusion of four suites. Add to that the re-issue of some of the Sky imprints most noted outings not least the work of Asmus Tietchens one of the unsung godfathers of kosmiche electronica there’s a cut from his ’spat europa’ set from ’82 that proves to be one of this samplers must hear moments. Talking of godfathers the label has also provided home for the aforementioned Hans-Joachim Roedileus who along with Dieter Moebius and Conrad Schitzler formed Cluster, latterly Kluster, Harmonia and Qluster. As said 90 minutes worth of exquisite ambient / electronica / experimental sounds capes that translate into 25 tracks that spans a sonic timeline stretching back to 1974 and is headed up by Bartos’ frankly awesome ‘atomium’ – other notable listening experience Thomas Dingers post neu / la dusseldorf work here exemplified by the title cut from his ‘82 solo ‘fur mich’ and something truly beautiful from Der Plan’s ’84 set ‘japlan’. http://www.soundcloud.com/bureau-1-sets/bureau-b-label-compilation-2013


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