johanna glaza

Formerly heading up joana and the wolf whose releases often peppered these missives in days gone past. Alas the collective split and from out of the ashes rises Johanna Glaza with a debuting solo EP. Utterly spellbinding and sounding as though its drifted through some ghostly fracture existing between our own reality and a once thought fabled twilight world, ’shall I be a saint’ lifted from said EP is a beautifully carved slice of porcelain pop tripped in enchantment and seduced in fairytale like magicalia, like a heavenly apparition all at once frail and fragile, you fear its delicate poise will shatter and fade at any second upon discovery. Sound spectrum wise imagine a mid way point somewhere between a very young and shy eyed Kate Bush and Chantal Acda. Irresistibly gorgeous.

Here’s the video ‘shall I be a saint’….

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