plume varia

Been out for a while but that’s no reason not to give this gem a deserved once over. Plume Varia are a Denver based husband and wife duo – Shon and Cherie be their names, they describe their sounds as down tempo dream pop with minimalist piano and spoken word additives. Three tracks sit upon their debuting outing all applied with a deeply demurred torch trimming upon a divinely spectral neo classical underpinning, the song structures may be minimalist in design but their finitely measured poise fill the canvas with a less is more craft. The ethereal ’prize’ opens the account, the delicate weaves and the bruised afterglows impart a trembling shy eyed seduction cradled in a sepia twisted elegant hush gently traded and tempered in a hollowing dark romance haloed in crushed sighs and a heart heavy fading hope to which admirers of this mortal coil would do well to fall headlong into. Scarcely a dry eye in the house when ’enable’ veers into ear shot, lush in desire and succulently wrapped in an amorphous ghost light, its noir dappled classicism draws on the enchantment of a youthful Goldfrapp and the stirring majesty of Musetta albeit as though tied, bowed and imparted with the chilled statuesque grace of portishead at the height of their powers. All said being the awkward souls that we are it’s the parting shot ’bend’ that gets our vote as the sets best moment, an astral love note traced in the most alluring nocturnal noir soul motifs, a lunar apparition buoyed on the merest of vapour trailed whispers, in short perfection.


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