A release that we must admit nearly slipped the net. New from the Agoo curated rev laboratories series whose remit it seems is simply defined as catering for the finest ambient / electronic sound art currently located off radar on the experimental sonic spectrum. With that in mind latest chapter in the series is the simply divine ‘crows and kittiwakes wheel and come again’ set from connect_icut. Comprised of six suites, total duration just tripping under the 41 minute wire, this set had we heard it in time would by rights have made a late call in our year end selections, blending glitch, drone and the celestial, it would be easy to view this at best as a modern day harmony of the spheres or at worst the greeting sound as you gasp your last breath and prepare yourself for your passing through the veil (none more so is this better exemplified than on the airless trance toned hymnal hush of ‘again now (for Matt)’). Whatever the case the press release makes reference to my bloody valentine, a valid call given that both this and ’loveless’ share that self same celebratory rapture though in connect_icut’s case the impact of sound is hushed by and large to a demurred murmur, that is if you don’t count ‘practice rot’ a true colossus of a track that ruptures inferno like from amid a glacial forest of celestial sirens whose distress calls emit in to the voids a cosmic call to arms all converging to assume critical mass, density and stature. For the best part though you feel as though you’ve invaded a private place or some hitherto secret lair, deliberately kept out of sight and free from prying eyes and ruin at the hands of the corruptive outside world. What makes ‘crows’ such a listening treat is the way the sounds perpetually evolve and shape shift as though like clouds merging, dissipating and reforming into shapes anew or better still ghostly echoes rupturing through a time fracture. If there‘s no such thing a smoking cool glitch soul at present then there is now for the serenely dream weaved ‘imperial alabaster’ murmurs with such sophisticated elegance as it crystallises chrysalis like from demurred frost thawed shimmers to unfurl by its fade out it an alluring purring cosmic pulsar. As though the sounds emanating from the inner workings of a hulking hyper crafts console unit at rest, the mesmeric ‘port shale’ flickers, whispers and yawns, braided in an array of amorphous micro sounds and subtle dubtronic motifs to cast as were, an alluring mind warping lunar lightshow. ‘carrion pecking’ all said is our favourite moment, a parched melancholia hollows to its core, about its as were sun baked plains a mournful mistral navigates with head bowed reverence to a stilled symphony that sounds for all the world like the prelude dance to a three way showdown finale between Ry Cooder, Yellow6 and Roy Montgomery. Perfection in short.

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