Like beck, bowie and brown – as in Ian – screams the press release. We must admit such bluster was met by a yawn that bordered on here we go again tedium. But the press house in question are reliable souls we thought. If they say it sounds like beck, bowie and brown – as in Ian – then it sounds like beck, bowie and brown – as in Ian. Record in question is a two track debut by Steve Eyre who on this occasion prefers to hide beneath the nom de plume Andrenachrome, must admit the most off kilter thing we’ve heard in this gaff since tripping over and falling headlong in love with ‘tangerine’ by the black ink for ‘mother natures ashes’ with its slacker-esque grooving is indeed like Beck and yes at a distance call Bowie c. ‘john I’m only dancing’ – brown – as in Ian – alas is missing in action. Add to the brew some smoking and out of it Simple Kid motifs, some lazy eyed Steve Miller effects for added mid 70’s kudos and a dollop of Birdpen and you have yourself a slow cooking hazy honey simmering on the back ring – and that’s just the b-side. that’s not to say that the more pop astute ’art of conversation’ is a slouch in the affection stakes – we here reckon it ought to appeal to admirers of the melting ice caps and a very youthful swimmer one.

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