from may 2009….

http://www.myspace.com/apteka – utterly smitten by this lot not least because there’s a drop dead gorgeous cover of an old Thompson Twins cut ‘If you were here’ which we suggest you drop everything from bollocks to jaws and immediately tune into right this minute because frankly in terms of shimmering hazily glazed lovelorn cosmically tweaked bliss out groove this babe is up there with Chapterhouse’s angelic ‘pearl’ and Ultra Vivid Scene’s ‘mercy seat’ – replete with vapour trailing arpeggios, hushed ether plucked vocals and ice tipped statue-esque chime corteges – damn it makes you weep its so beautiful. Anyhow this lot hail from Chicago, a quartet no less who I’m assuming are currently unsigned as yet though that won’t stay the case for too long. Apteka weaves a curious star bound tapestry that falls between the generic staples of shoe gaze, tear arsing shimmer toned power pop and fringe flicking shade adorned lysergic psyche groove, the thumping ‘cicada song’ sound like a wired and antagonised early career Ride re-sculpturing discarded Barrett Floyd / 13th Floor Elevators motifs while ‘the sheet’ it seems is currently streets ahead on the listening count though sadly the blighter refused to play for us – gremlins in the machinery I gather. Scroll down and you’ll find ’indigenous’ shyly hiding, amid the celestial lulls of serene blissfulness and the ripples of animated ruptures something sweet and hollowing wrestles for your affection, fractured, detached and distant it may be but we hear are thinking within the clues are to be found revealing a shared fondness for ’Seduction’ era Danse Society and the mid 80’s work of Gene Loves Jezebel. That said stealing the show for us is ’wish away’ a fierce some psyche tweaked nugget graced amid a shoehorning of stoner montages, snake winding day-glo riffage, strut laced grooves and fuzzed out lazy eyed inclines.

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