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My get up and go just got up and went
Static Caravan

Regular patrons to these pages will need no introductions to the becoming talents of Swedish troubadour Andreas Soderstrom – better known to the musical community at large as Ass he has to date been found delightfully peppering our turntable in recent months via his exquisite Archer Prewitt meets Oddfellows Casino like self titled debut full length for Headspin whilst not forgetting having appeared on a must have split with fellow Scandinavian Karl Jonas Winqvist (Blood Music).

Now comes the ten track ’my got up and go just got up and went’ set which aside revealing a maturity in song craft also hints within its grooves an understated mercurial connection with both John Fahey (especially on the enchanting Charlie Parr like ‘and pass it to each other’) and (latter career) Nick Drake (non more so than on the sets most defining moment the parting ‘vertical spar‘ with its strangely intoxicating blend of dark / light motifs and the disquieting brass accompanied winter hued structural ebb and flows a la L’Augmentation), the formers exquisitely carved delta folk blues dialects married and marinated sweetly to hollowing picturesque introspection of the latter combine beautifully to seductively caress this second full length with a disturbingly deft brush stroke of the timeless.

From the moment the stylus connects to the crisp wax crackle of the opening ’I’ve been here’ you’re immediately drawn to an age preserved in folklore and heritage, an age of the old ways – untouched, pure and far from the hand of the modern world. These delicately woven pastoral baubles decorate the minds eye with images of lushly undulating green carpets of nature, wild and wandering into the distance as far as the eye can see, of silent sky glowing sun sets, of nature in full uninterrupted harmony. The melodies sound tracking these landscapes are delivered as colourfully vivid and as refreshingly untouched as the backdrops they translate to sound as they shyly tumble and cascade from out of the speakers.


Both alluring and demurring you can easily misplace the odd half an hour or so dreamily transfixed in the slight of hand mystery of Soderstrom’s manifesting majesty, breathlessly breezy, ridiculously immediate and yet engagingly unassuming its overriding feature is the way it doesn’t demand your attention rather more its circles your listening space like some strangely intoxicating aroma – you find it rather than it finds you. These mellow like haunting figurines embrace and lilt with equal measure indelibly casting a bespoke sereneness that’s gently dappled with tinges of distant melancholic, from the gorgeously framed rustic charms of the sumptuous ’its really a good reason’ with its autumnal tonalities to the becalming dustily drawn porch lit prairie pretty ‘back to the old ways’ with its sea faring like fog bound sirens of monochromed backward loops that in many ways subtle nod to the late Ivor Cutler – Soderstrom never fails to amaze or beguile. The ghostly though teasingly brief ‘cool water’ ushers into similar territories as was found on Tex La Homa’s remarkable ‘dazzle me with transience’ set while the aforementioned Prewitt / Oddfellows Casino nods are ever so apparent on the albums first of only 2 vocal cuts ‘wheels and wings’ a disarming slice of lazy eyed loveliness pierced perfectly by wintry braids of fan faring trumpets.

Limited to just 500 vinyl pressings cut on purple wax and including inserts – like you need further reasons to pursue.

Key tracks –

Wheels and wings
And pass it to each other
Vertical spar

July 2008

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