nancy wallace

Nancy Wallace
Old Stories

Despite our promises in previous dispatches to resist from putting on (recently acquired and previously unheard) CD releases (that have happily found their way into our listening space) at the dead of night thus ensuring that we pass up on sleep to wile away the small hours entranced and enchanted by the sounds emanating from our hi-fi, then we must admit defeat and reveal to one and all that we failed miserably. That said what away to fail.

We’ve happily been inundated of late with releases coming from the general direction of Midwich records (formerly known as Hobby Horse) – obviously there’s the small question of actually getting around to once and for all finally reviewing the Owl Service’s debut opus ’a garland of song’ before that is they hit us with their second full length (apologies to all concerned we are slackers at heart as Isabelle Corbisier will no doubt testify given she’s recently sent us an email which quite frankly we’re frightened to open – no doubt its querying the non appearance of a review for her excellently researched tome ’music for vagabonds – the Tuxedomoon Chronicles’ which we must admit we were deep into and much enjoying until for reasons to long and dull to type here we were distracted – reviews for both are imminent – well as imminent as can be in our world – which as you all know operates on a unique twilight time zone). Blimey I’m blathering again. Anyhow to recap – loads of releases from Midwich – ’Field Music – collected live recordings’ – a compilation of live recordings made by the Owl Service – if memory serves this was available as a freebie download and ’the Petrifying Well’ an ultra limited gathering of early recordings by the band (all three Owl Service releases will be gathered together as an extended review shortly).

So that’s the domestics done. Now for the source of our nocturnal listening.

Night time listening is in my view the perfect way to listen to ’Old Stories’


Accordions, violins
Give link addresses for Owl Service and Straw Bear Band

Oct 2008


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