the bridge gang

from feb 2009…. – must admit we’ve had the right old hump having found that we’ve so far managed to miss out on this lots debut brace of 7 inch platters – ’the pangs of guilt’ and ’sky is blue’ – so much so that we’ve been exchanging seriously mean stares with all we come in contact with today and I suspect this darkened mood will continue on until we are safe in the knowledge that we’ve nailed the blighters and lovingly housed them in our record collection. If we didn’t know any better we’d be saying that the Bridge Gang could well be our favourite obsession at the moment and we suspect yours to if that is you haven’t already fallen for their charms (and gotten yourself those errant singles – oh how I hate you). Anyway less with the waffle and grumbling the Bridge Gang hail from Hackney and number in three (two boys and one girl – if you’re taking notes – named Hair, Skint and Hat – of which we are suspecting these are not the names given by their parents on said trios birth certificates). Professing no interest in Q magazine top ten lists, Morrissey, indie disco or art school – don’t you just want to adopt them – the Bridge Gang do however cite the Wipers and Billy Childish with fond admiration and cook up a blistering tear arsing cover of the old Fangs nugget ‘the money will roll right in’ (a song covered by everyone from Nirvana, Green Day to Mudhoney – the latter I’m checking right now as I swear they have imparted their own unique branding upon it) just to wet the appetite and which for you young folk with good taste is worthy of the entrance fee alone. As to the sound that the Bridge Gang make – aside the obvious fondness for all things 77-79 punk, there’s elements of the Feelgoods crossing swords with Cockney Rebel, a smidgeon of New York Dolls, Wreckless Eric and the Heartbreakers all served up with dollops of the kind of top drawer memorable hook laden teen spirited effervescence and exuberance to make men of advancing years weep with joy all of which appear momentously shoehorned into the near perfect ’London sky tonight’ which to us sounds like a safety pin pierced Ray Davies squaring up to the Hot Rods. That said bringing up the rear ’crush on a girl’ finds itself teased in all manner of delectably tasty 50’styled bubblegum pop wraps, shimmying glam spiked accents and tingling pub rock dialects that had us here rooting for our stash of Brinsley Schwartz cuts – well smart.

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