various – and then the earth moved

Spied this link on a face book posting by Tim maps and diagrams, it’s a mix tape put together by the small town romance blog that comprises of thirteen ambient winter warmers from names familiar – cul de sac, roger eno and of course maps and diagrams – and many not so familiar shoehorned into just over an hours worth of snow glazed introspection. Choice cuts among the stuff we haven’t previously heard Matt Baldwin’s ‘triangle’ proves itself a nifty slab of mind warping space bluesing kraut-ian kosmiche kool while Juppala Kaapio’s delicately demurred ‘brise’ is a lilting slice of fragile bowed atmospherics all weaved beautifully into a ice chipped forest of sound. Best moment though iy has to said is Rafael Anton Irisarri’s ‘lesser than the sum of its parts’ – an utterly crushing visitation and a master class in tender technique, measured poise, grace and crestfallen grandeur.

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