john robinson pierce / max mathews

Another release we are planning to nab next time we venture the probe record emporium is a by all accounts nifty sounding 7 inch coming out of the finders keepers imprint. As ever ridiculously limited in nature ‘music from mathematics Volume 1’ by Max Matthews is another incredible find by the FK crew, rescued from obscurity these recordings were originally issued in the early 60’s and marked the first known computer generated sounds, curated by Bell Industries and done by way of using the latest hardware of the day – in this case the IBM 7200 with its own 32kb disposable memory, these curios first became available through decca and bell telephone laboratories and featured a showcase of futurist material by project leader Max Mathews and Bell Laboratories boffin John Robinson Pierce who as it happens appears on ‘music from mathematics Volume 2. Pierce was a major force in the development of Telstar 1 – a communications satellite – more melodically grounded that the available Mathews sound clip ‘five against seven random cannon‘ might well prove to be of interest to those among you who subscribed to Raymond Scott’s ’soothing sounds for baby’.

Audio clips here –


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