the grand rapids

Hailing from Melbourne and just out via the psyche ward imprint – whose name alone is deserving of it being put on your watch list for future reference is the debuting platter from hotly tipped psych lords the grand rapids. Entitled ‘great shakes’ we’ve only had time to dart around it quickly for listening impression but can say with hand on heart that this is ripe for further investigation by those of loving your sounds stratospherically widescreen and bliss kissed in fuzzy vapour trails and certainly something that ought to appeal to admirers of everything from the hookworms, black angels and psychic ills and all deemed to be crucial in between. That said two cuts that caught our attention and ought to be considered main attractions are the spectral ‘Julia now…’ and ‘head on’ – the former lush in crystalline riff opines that very much tailgate a classic Will Bunnymen craft albeit here shimmered in the stately glow of the Church and parched in a glacial hollowing that oozes ‘pornography’ era Cure classicism. As to the frankly heart stopping grandeur of the shade adorned ‘head on’ – stunningly poised with an elegant after burn and sounding not unlike a super chilled Catherine Wheel sharing studio space with a crest fallen and smoked out Ride with its siren-esque stratospheric sun bursts and pedal effect euphoria I’m of a mind to dig out my old ultra vivid scene platters for favourable comparison. Great sleeve to – what more could a psych fried space cadet ask for. http://www.thegrandrapids666.bandcamp.comalbum/great-shakes

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