Next up a quick mention for two releases that have snagged our earlobes in the last hour or so. First up Nanaki who are essentially Postcode-r Mikie Daugherty. First new material by Nanaki since their debuting full length way back in 2003 or thereabouts recorded Autumn time last year while Postcode where breaking in a new drummer. ‘after light’ be the EP’s name a five track post rocking sortie housed in a Grace Turner decorated sleeve and from it ‘regretfully, I must decline your invitation’ got the nod over the attractively titled ‘fuck spotify, one of the sets more sedate selections – well we say sedate – it does kick into life at 1.50 mark. that said first and foremost this babe ought to appeal to admirers of san Lorenzo, the workhouse and billy mahonie in its initial moments with its delicately mournful tonalities spearing the opening moments with a disconsolate sigh before of course the despatch of the aforementioned sea change wherein everything gets – shall we say – a little animated with the arrival of some nifty swagger toned chugging riffola which had us here reaching rather smartly for our husker du platters to reconnect with our lost younger self. And as we’ve already hinted at ‘fuck spotify’ we may as well mention the blighter – all killer ripped riffs you could imagine back dropping some bleakly gritty noir dark detective flick and veering ever so closely in to the more astute visceral sound spectrums of the likes of the grails and explosions in the sky. As an added bonus purchase the CD and aside a plethora of inserts you get an additional 6 nanaki cuts unavailable elsewhere along with a nifty 24 track small bear imprint sampler for gratis. More small bear groove to come I suspect later this missive.

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