Many thanks in advance to Mark Refoy who got in touch from his sick bed whereupon he‘s currently suffering a seasonal cold, hopefully a copy of the last Slipstream album ’stereo brain / mono heart’ incidentally out via mind expansion is winging our way through the postal system. We suspect such communications where pre-empted by our mentioning of that killer Ultrasound digital only seasonal soiree last missive out which if you haven’t heard yet can we just say you are missing a sizeable trick. Of course Slipstream are no strangers to these missives of old, blessed with a pedigree whose roots ca be traced to spiritualized and spacemen 3 they released the killer ’AEIOU’ a few years back to much swooning around these here parts while 2003’s ’transcendental’ set proved to be a constant turntable hugger upon its release. So while we wait for our prized copy of ’stereo brain / mono heart’ we couldn’t resist a little peak at it on their band camp page. A quick earful had us cooing at ’aurora’ mainly for the fact that its possessed of some of the finest slices of euphoric feel good crystalline riffola this side of Will Bunnymen which if we didn’t know any better we‘d say it had been swept off the cutting room floor from the studio sessions for the Bunnies form returning ‘flowers’ album.

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