Okay yes I know its been out for ages, but hey I thought Haruko went into permanent hibernation after releasing the absolutely divine ‘wild geese’ via bracken a few years back. For the note takers and taste makers among you bracken was in fact the imprint from which fruits de mer rose – so in short you can be rest assured it has the same classically eared pedigree about it enviable back catalogue. Now what disturbs me here is that aside stumbling across ’feathers and driftwood’ all of which have considerably improved not only our listening space but has seen fit to cheer us up no end we’ve also noted with a sense of depressing embarrassment another EP of hers issued way back in 2011 entitled ’bird in the snow’. For the uninitiated Haruko is German based musician Susanna Stanglow, the adopted non de plume essentially translating as ’spring child’ is an apt moniker for one so dreamily cosy toed amid a dozing woodland landscape lilted in demurring folk flurries and the serene bathing of birdsong. As mentioned in a previous write up, Ms Stanglow very much traverses a spectral medium frequented by Lisa O Piu, each traced upon an unworldly and shy eyed ability to entrance and enchant and both executing their craft with such sparse application that your inclined to believe you’ve been visited upon by some lovelorn spectre. As to ’feathers and driftwood’ an alluring fragile collection of intimacy and shy eyed wonder awaits, that said on initial listens it’s the sets parting moment ’we’ll be birds’ that gave our hearts a cause to skip and flutter, tenderly yearning and reflective, lovingly caressed in forest fairy dust and Oriental lullaby motifs all trimmed in twinkling chimes, quite spectral and spellbinding if you ask me and dare I say something that ought to appeal to lovers and admirers of the much missed Anna Kashfi. Further investigation is thoroughly recommended. http://www.harukomusic.bandcamp.comalbum/feathers-driftwood

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