spreaker mix tape

From the same ‘the pursuit of salvation‘ sessions ‘john 3:16 and fluid’s collaboration ‘guardian’ appears on a mix tape put together by – I think – Spreaker – near enough two hours worth of quality drone / ambience sounds capes which among the picking some choice cuts from foot village – whose ‘1600 dolla bill’ is a truly fractured affair that sounds not unlike a freeform austere earth beat happening gathering together an as were Lunch meets SPK /Xmal Deutschland sonic summit meeting – the excellently titled and impishly named Sly and the Family Drone whose ‘grey meat’ is as creepy and strange a thing as you’ll find on this collection which if we didn’t know better would say was the insect explosion doing bad things with my cell phone is better than your cell phone. Familiar to long time observers of these musings are the Death Cinematic and wrekmeister harmonies, the former mellowed and gracefully forlorn trading a trembling turn of tuneage destined to play havoc with the heartstrings – reference wise think of a post feedback shrilled flying saucer attack – while the latter’s ‘you’ve always meant so much to me’ is pretty much sculptured in the same kind of stilled elegance as appears to grace the grooves of David A Jaycock releases these days. Best moment by far Rasplyn’s ‘black clouds’ – mentioned previously in despatches – this gorgeously haunting floral posy manages to disturb and delight with equal measure to seductively weave together a bewitching forest fantasia inscribed and informed by a gathering of greats such as moondog, Bernard Hermann and Vernon Elliott. http://www.spreaker.com/user/earltimes/seven_8


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  1. Francesco says:

    Hey man! Thanks for posting about one of my broadcasts, I really appreciate.

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