Fairly certain we mentioned these dudes in previous dispatches a fair few missives ago, I’m suspecting our begging requests for full review copies at the times fell on stony ground. But hey we don’t hold grudges. New thing from LVLS, which if I recall rightly is text speak for loveless, ‘echoes’ comes ripped from their new EP ‘teenager’ which we are suspecting ought to be burning holes on turntables belonging to the more keen eared indie pop community about now. Sea-sawing sky spiking siren riifs, thunderous harmonies that might well see the springing up of a cottage industry at work stitching up sloganeering t-shirts and blessed with a fierce some hook hugging melodic line that’s bolted and braced down with a raging feel good chorus line that sounds like the charge of the light brigade appearing over the hill – this folks might well be the first anthem of 2014 whilst having this scribe fondly turning up Alarm and Big Country platters of old for comparable reflection.

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