savaging spires

Immediately elevated onto our watch list after the merest of listens are a Midlands based psych pop duo by the name of Savaging Spires whose teaser ‘we could be dead (together)’ has been ruffling expectant feathers since first veering upon our wavelength via a sound cloud link. Culled from a forthcoming second full length ‘horizon’ this baby might first appear ramshackle and frayed as it weaves its way teetering through the forest mist, but listen close as the harmonies and the off balanced spectral melodies clatter and forge together like strangely alluring apparitions tuning in and out of consciousness. And something magical scratches through to the surface that’s charmingly naïve, free spirited and without borders, something that initial listens alert to recall from a lifetime away a select serving from the Constellation imprint, perhaps Set Fire to Flames maybe. But then it blossoms and changes its steer, now much like a youthful Animal Collective or perhaps the Magic Markers or maybe a stoned and loved up Bardo Pond. That said its bruising, its almost ghost like threadbare framing not to mention shy eyed nature might just have the more clued up among you entranced and quietly swooned whilst you rifle through your record collection to prize out forgotten gems by Virgin Passages.

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