the use

Still staying with Alrealon barring a celebratory compilation marking their 5th anniversary entitled ‘frequencies of existence’ for which release info is still under wraps there’s the imminent visitation to turntables of a full length from the Use entitled ‘’what’s the Use?’. a set that promises a ‘four dimensional experience’ which I must admit we here are gearing ourselves up for notwithstanding the fact that we can scarce imagine what a four dimensional experience might entail though as the sounds emanating from the brace of sonic snapshots available here reveal, it may well have you time tripping back to an era when electronic blip core was merely the terrain of musical boffins, software scientists and sci-fi film backdrops. Not quite Baron or Carlos but rather more La Dusseldorf and Jarre, ‘hello everybody’ chatters and chuckles like some deranged Dadaist diode playfully squirreling amid a cosmic fantasia of impish future sound of London motifs wired upon a vintage tropicalia dimpled by warm digits and d_rradio here found mischievously rewiring the Moroder mainframe. Our favourite of the twin set is the hyperactive ‘halo alchemy’ a sumptuous albeit kooky lullaby mirage possessed of dissipating ‘blade runner’ accents, bowed chimes and vocoder enhanced communiqués, bafflingly beautiful.

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