Oh yes just what the bad boogie doctor ordered, again spotted on another band camp trawl we upturned another criminally cool cassette only imprint who go by the name fleeting youth records and who hail from Austin, Texas. Anyhow these blighters have a handful of well cool cassettes currently doing bad things on tape recording decks not least a forthcoming beauty from Slippertails who I’m suspecting before too long may well get to being your new favourite beat pop combo. Ultra limited to just 50 copies all coming housed in an eye catching salmon pink casing ’there’s a disturbing trend’ is the debuting 9 track album from the aforementioned Slippertails, alas only three preview cuts available on this here band camp but beauties they be for the Slippertrails groove to a beaten around the edges and slacker toned tuneage which for instance per ’I will peel you open’ sounds not unlike a totally stoned Evan Dando fronting up an equally wired and out of it Sweet Apple replete with angular riff thugs and emerging from a primordial swamp like something that ought to be played at 45rpm being impishly slowed to bonged out misfit proportions at 33rpm. The wiring warped out twisted blues of ’walk’ calls to mind the gibson brothers being rephrased by a wired early career Pavement clearly overdosing on a previous nights listening to Pere Ubu prime platters while best of the bunch ’hip new jerk’ is an uber fucked up head clash between Jad Fair and Dinosaur Jnr spiked with detuned harmonies, freakily fried riffmanship and a general air of too cool for this attitude. Classy.

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