slowly rolling camera

You might have to bear with us on this one for a day or three for not only have we mislaid the CD of the album, we’ve lost sight of the accompanying press release and most bewilderingly have managed to somehow lose an email packed with all manner of useful gubbins such as helpful information, star quotes and various other wordy notations cobbled together in order to ignite your interest. Not that interest need igniting once you’ve fallen headlong and mesmerised by the audacious soft sultriness of ‘protagonist’. prized from their self titled full length – just out via edition, Slowly Rolling Camera are in essence a smoking cool jazz fusion collective, and before you all go off in search of a beard to stroke lets just qualify that with a little more padding. Label descriptors mention portishead and the cinematic orchestra as clear reference markers, but there’s something deeper and more terra-formic than that at work here. True ’protagonist’ is succulently dusted in the kind of dark amorphous down tempo trip hop glamour that allured the grooves of those that blossomed from out of the 90’s Bristol scene but add to that the fluidity of Roni Size’s ’new forms’ and the progressive ambience of Morcheeba not to mention the creative shape shifting genre bending spirit of Massive Attack and you have something indelibly crafted with its ear at the high end of the progressive spectrum and cultured in a lights lowered sophisticat aura whose roots trace right back to Miles Davis.

<br /><a href=””>Slowly Rolling Camera – Protagonist</a> on <a href=””>MUZU.TV</a&gt;.

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