dot legacy

Now unless we’ve suffered a bang on the head that we weren’t previously aware of which has rendered everything we hear to sound as though its 1982 again then we have serious issues manifesting not least in the guise of a debuting platter from post rockers dot legacy who according to an email from polymath PR hail from somewhere in France. Now as said bangs on the head especially those of which your unaware of as in this case have had our normally trusted radar picking up the kind of pre goth / post punk / positive punk or whatever ill formed nonsense  generic tag that the musical rags of the day – NME, Melody Maker and Record Mirror – deemed an office wheeze to fire off that particular week – note at this juncture our failing to handicap Sounds in said list mainly for the fact that instead of the unrelenting pursuit of the populist vote the Zounds crew pursued a twin pronged celebrated niche in covering just the kind of stuff that no one wanted to read about or else catered for musical tribes to which junior school attendees where barred. And so stepping off the high horse back to dot legacy who I must admit had us initially imagining the resulting work of some tribal gathering of Sex Gang Children, Death Cult / Getting the Fear and Theatre of Hate types, that said all those first impressions were soon wiped clean from memory – applied with some arpeggios at its intro which soon ruptures in a most maniacal way to spike, spurt and settle into a stratospheric loud / quiet dynamic that seesaws between the serene and the seismic to assume an arse kicking panoramic sound replete with skull drilling noodles set ablaze by flashes of spacey wooziness and frantic surges of out there bearded beatnik hysteria. An absolute head caning cut in short which incidentally goes by the name of ‘kennedy‘.

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