shonen knife

Nothing quite gets the pulses racing around these here parts than news reaching us of a new pop platter from the immensely wonderful Shonen Knife, the Osaka based trios blend of bubble grooved three chord twisterella fused of 50’s ram-a-lama teen pop and buzz sawed candy kissed punk boog-a-loo pitched as were as though the result of an illicit back alley bunk up between the Ramones and the Shangri La’s stirred notable affection from the late Kurt Cobain. Ad while it would be true to say that they no doubt have guitar strings older than most of the bands they share the boards with these days, these imps still pack enough punch you out pop smarties to tease and twist you around their little finger to leave you breathlessly wide eyed affectionately purring for more whilst dolling out the occasional strut gouged clip around the ear. Anyhow 20th album ‘overdrive’ is due to land shortly – April to be precise – via damnably – all accompanied by a 15 date tour of these isles in May. Alas no teaser cuts from the album as yet though here’s something a little tasty from the ‘yellow loveless’ compilation which judging by things appears to be a gathering of Japanese talent putting a unique spin on MBV’s classic ‘loveless’ set – and so enough chit chat here’s Shonen Knife coolly applying a decidedly frisky and summer shone Bacharach and David styled 50’s shu-bop sherbet to Shields’ and Co’s ‘when you sleep’…..


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