I know, I know – we’ve grumbled aplenty in previous despatches promising not to give over word space in reviewing releases tripping out of the Too Pure monthly singles club shed mainly because of the fact that the blighters never send promos or answer polite email requests for said items. And while we are normally resilient nay immovable in our intentions once said knives drawn utterances are put into process truth is the blighters keep knocking out melodic corkers that quite frankly we just can’t resist. Now blame it on the fact that for the last few weeks we’ve managed to gather together all the cassettes we own into one place and have a long last started the long arduous process of digitising said artefacts, not I hasten to add an easy enterprise to undertake given there are some 3,000 plus items, aside cheering to old Peel shows, swooning to a thought lost stash of the much missed and painfully underrated and oft overlooked ’mixing it’ shows hosted by Messrs Sandall and Russell until the former mentioned sadly passed away losing his battle to cancer, we’ve been reliving the early 90’s courtesy of Radcliffe and Lard in their pre celebrity days as presenters of radio 5’s ’hit the north’. its mainly due to this that perhaps you might want to excuse the fact that we here do detect something of the Paris Angels undergoing what can be best described as a head on rush with the much missed and dare we say adored World of Twist within the grooves of Spires’ damn fine ’Candy Flip’. cutting their teeth sharing stage space with the likes of toy, hookworms and widowspeak, this NY based combo are set to release their debuting 7 inch via too pure wherein it’ll come pressed up on limited quantities of red wax. ’candy flip’ is a swoon draped soft psych trimmed slice of head expanding kaleidoscopic pop coolly smoked in arabesque accents, bliss kissed fuzzy shimmers all bleached in a gorgeously haze draize out of it feel good bliss dipped sereneness that by rights ought to bottled up and sold over the counter as a prescriptive cure for the winter blues. Nuff said. http://www.soundcloud.com/too-pure-singles-club/spires-candy-flip

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