schizo fun addict

First up and fresh from the quiet acclaim brought to bear by the release of their recent ’the sun yard’ full length, it seems as far as we are concerned that Schizo Fun Addict can scarcely put a step out of place. Pressed up on limited coloured wax with inserts to boot, their latest twin set finds them honing their sights on two lost soundtracks from yesteryear. Tucked on the flip you’ll find the kind of effervescent summer drenched flightiness as adored the grooves of the sound carriers debuting platter on the collectives sumptuous re-take of ‘in the long run’ as originally done by the fictional combo Carrie Nations and featured in Russ Meyers’ ‘beyond the Valley of the Dolls’. here spruced up and lushly poppified its succulently dashed in the, as were, care free wide eyed handicraft of Bacharach and David and wonderfully woven in an attractively alluring endless summers shone 60’s beat pop sheen which at worst is breathless and at best beguiled. As to the lead out cut, a cover of Goblin’s frankly immense ’suspiria’ – you know the one – woozy child like lullabies papered precariously over the sinister disquiet of an end of days revelation styled chill countenance. The approach and committing to cover something already perfect as it is, is a thorny subject and something often best avoided, some simply come to pay homage others decide to fiddle about foolish in the belief that they can add and arrest said song as their own, the Schizo‘s you suspect fall into neither camp, they are just fearlessly bloody minded. For their troubles they actually out creep the original endowing their casting with a gloriously fractured and dare we say mind altering aura, heavily dipped in a lysergic treatment and strained through the weird eye of Broadcast, here ’suspiria’ is woozily recalibrated with the supernatural sound craft of komeda and korzynski and swirled in the transcendental trippy folds of the magic mushroom band. A class apart in short.


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