bronco bullfrog

Final release as part of the FdM spring soiree comes from Bronco Bullfrog, their third release since reforming in 2011 – incidentally their last one bagged them a runners up spot on the recent Shindig critics poll – sees them proudly wearing their 60’s beat pop influences on their sleeves for this second of the season regal crabomophone outings. Again arriving in limited pressings of coloured 7 inch wax the Bullfrogs swoon and swagger in amid a cornucopia of swinging sixties sassiness, primed succinctly for those of you soft psych purists with fringes a floppy this set comes wrapped up by a spiffing reworking of the Sands flip cut ’listen to the sky’ which mushrooms resplendently amid head expanding effervescent sheens of kaleidoscopic swirls and lysergic lilts which towards its finale comes on flowered in freak beat petals. Aligned to this two self penned nuggets that once heard ought to elevate this collectives psych currency, a distant cousin of floyd’s ‘Arnold lane’ the classically drilled 60’s motifs that adore the grooves of ‘time waits for Norman’ come appreciably sun toned and tie dyed in a floral wooziness that’s sumptuously kissed in a golden age song crafting. All said best of the set is by our humble reckoning ’rocking horse mender’ – apparently it was initially written as a ‘shameless love letter to Kaleidoscope’ which is all well and dandy though by our ears sounds like some dream teamed gathering of Small Faces and Byrds types hanging out and chilling to a evening listening to July and Tomorrow gems. Essential in short.


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