bill pritchard

We’ve got shed loads of tapete releases to be swooning to, reviews will appear I promise in forthcoming missives, I know it makes you jealous as hell don’t it. Anyhow one release that’s caught our ear and had us a swooning like we were teens again is a limited release download only outing from Bill Pritchard, now we’ve an inkling that we’ve got an album lurking somewhere entitled ’a trip to the coast’ from which ’trentham’ has been pulled and set ahead as something of a herald. To whet appetites the press release says of it ‘guitar pop, hooky chorus, melodic ballads and personal everyday lyrics about love, loss and stoke on trent’. rock n’ roll here we go. In truth Bill Pritchard been brit pop before brit pop was a twinkle in the musical inkies eyes, not quite the brit pop we came to love, tire and despise throughout the 90’s for Pritchard was carving admiring glances across the globe heading up Beatitude and being prone to disappear off radar for years on end. ‘trentham’ glows with a maser class maturity that purrs to a power popped drive time gear change, slyly infectious and immediately adorable, its smokes and opines embraced by the sly tug of west coast tinges all clipped to a smooth strut steeled craft that veers ever so subtly into the sound worlds of Chris Stamey and Kevin Tihista.

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