blood and the bull

Don’t mind admitting that I am totally in love with this ‘un, forthcoming on the soft power imprint – who you might recall released that rather dandy split pairing together the rosy crucifixtion and the wharves a little while back. Latest off the presses is a limited 12 inch by Blood and the Bull who are or more rightly is – Hillary Van Scoyof divorce and aggi doom fame. Four tracks sit upon this crystalline pop gem, a breathtaking bouquet of 60’s psych fugues and chime chirpy psych pop is what’s on offer, opening ambit ’bend over’ bristling beautifully winter spun in the kind of magnetic magicalia rarely heard around here since the days of Mary Hopkins albeit filtered fancifully through the minds eye of the haight ashbury’s. the charmingly named ’hold your head up high and go fuck yourself’ – in our humbled opinion the best thing here by some distance – draws a line of perfect psych symmetry that joins together the exquisite craft of the Smoke Fairies and Linda Perhacs. That said proving no slouch in the ear candy stakes ’I am a dog’ is bitter sweetly crushed in an affectionately woozy Beatles-esque charm albeit rephrased as were through the kooky kaleidoscopic viewfinder of the Elephant 6 collective most notably of montreal and Olivia tremor control whilst ’you are my favourite communist’ rounds up the set with a swoon and a candy pop sway replete with tootling keys crookedly chirping and cooing to possess us with a strange desire to reinvestigate our forgotten stash of slinkiness goodies from yesteryear.

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