brace / choir

More tapete loveliness this time from Brace / Choir whose – I think I’m right in saying – forthcoming debut full length ‘turning on your double’ has been hogging the turntable of late proving to be one of the best sets we’ve heard since the turn of the year. As a taster the label has released a teaser twin set available as a limited download due for docking in pop world towards the end of the month pairing together ‘five fingered leaf’ and ‘satisfier’. the former cut in brief is monumental, an absolute slow burn head turner that’s liable to turn your mind inside out, in short imagine Bardo Pond at their most chilled and out of it time travelling back to hook up with a totally blessed out gathering of Curved Air and Jefferson Airplane types and dragging along with them for added assistance a totally shit faced Fuxa. And that space cadets is only half the picture formed for ‘five fingered leaf’ is shadow lined in a brooding hymnal like psych tweaked grace that’s both bewitching and beguiled, built upon a slowly opining axis of woozy farfisas and orbiting as were mystical netherworlds this babe purrs sumptuously to an out there hollowing hallucinogenic head trip. As for ‘Satisfier’ – a totally different beast steeled in cosmicalia and drenched in dream pop motifs that shift and stutter in shoe gazed formation which all said and done ought to appeal first hand to admirers of dead leaf echo with a side order of the Church.


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