Maybe its just me but it seems that the Bearsuit imprint have upped the ante over the course of the last few releases, one time specialising in the odd, the surreal and the frankly obscurest, recent outings have seen this bijou home made industry mature and flex their considerable talent for the eking out of perfect electro pop morsels to such an extent that they now occupy a unique niche as purveyors of crafted experimental electronica. Release numero twenty four perhaps one of their finest and provides without question their most accessible outing to date appears courtesy of Greguy – a Strasbourg based musician – real name Gregory Vrecsics. ‘minor injury’ his debuting EP takes – as he discloses – its influence from the electronic sounds of the 80’s and 90’s and expands outwards, reared on Tangerine Dream, Vangelis and Jarre, there’s a distinct pristinely refined melodic pop chemistry that owes much to the latter to be found on this six track set, irrefutably haloed in a suave euro pop / Francophile grooming radio friendly cuts such as ’minor injury’ and ’American way of life’ recall the purring palettes of both Gulliver and Le Bleu with the latter particularly veering sumptuously into the realms of a late 80’s New Order back catalogue easily falling off the edges of ‘technique‘ if truth be told. That said elegance and sophistication reaches critical heights on the utterly seductive ‘tamps’ as it morphs with nocturnal romance coiled to the svelte murmur of a youthful Pet Shop Boys. And while ’close to me’ might well receive the plaudits steeled as it is in a twinkling tailoring presaged by the silken underlay of string arrangements and pirouetting keys for us it’s the parting sore thumb ’magalomania’ that stole our affection, which swear words aside fetchingly blossoms into a most unreal and surrendering sepia dipped down tempo torch treasure that had us here turning up the place looking for our stash of ROC records to draw comparison.

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