I see we’ve a fair bit of catching up that needs doing in respect of the everything is chemical imprint. Fast becoming one of our favourite labels, these dudes releases fortnightly virtual sevens all of which have in recent memory had us all a swooning with the Sunday Experience listening tree house. Latest outing is quite possibly their most genteel for a while. Best experienced after dark when all the outside world is adrift in sleep, Juche’s three track offering is wired to such frail and fragile presets that you suspect it would run and hide if exposed to the glower and frantic activity that daylight provides. As said three tracks appear on this virtual 7 inch set crafted incidentally by way of found cassettes, static transmissions and old radio station tunings, initial listens of which had us recalling the quaintly kooky ambient sound hybrids that preface releases bearing the handiwork of moomlooo, but then drill down a tad and repeat visitations reveal a subtle aural ancestry whose bloodline traces its way back to the early outing of 4treck and more notably Cornelius for the sound worlds created by Juche hint of sonic illustrations pressed between the pages of a children’s library corner and hint of enchantment and fairytale crookedness lined in a vintage glow and snow set in clock working Oriental motifs that rustle and coo like murmuring electronic lullabies. Best of the trio is the softly yearned ’in Lincolns’ which snoozes and yawns like some ice frosted hymnal to draw distant dots that latch loosely to Simon Joyner and the Microphones. http://www.eicvirtual7inch.bandcamp.com/album/eic7-no-62

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