coma coast

Apologies about this but we can’t for the life of us recall exactly how we stumbled upon this, we can’t locate any mail outs and more frustratingly scant sign of a press release with which to impart upon you oodles upon oodles of fab info and band secrets. Ah well suppose we better get on with the boring business of the music. An EP no less released on the cool sounding parissi la musique imprint by Coma Coast which gathering together select remixes by Attar and Sano as well as a brace of originals which alas aside the opening cut ‘1989’ our prone to hissy fits PC refuses to give up and play. Still ‘1989’ on its own is a bit of a corker which I should hasten to add features lyrics which thus go something like – quote – ‘we are going to dance like its 1989’ which is no bad thing in itself until your visited upon by the sounds which either deliberate or by happy coincidence actually time travel you right back to that exact year and by these finite ears sound not unlike New Order boogying hard with AR Kane, that said repeat listens reveal it to be something of a ringer for the Beloved which again is by no stretch of the imagination a bad thing – did we mention its slyly infectious – no – well its slyly infectious.

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