damn vandals

Bugger me this is cool, new thang from the damn vandals is set to service your hi-fi with some much needed bad boogie and while new full length set ‘rocket out of London’ is primed for April time action via sexy beast records the whiff of cranked up old school devils blues rears its head on the pre teasing twin set ‘twist up and tangle’. of course being the awkward souls that we are it’s the flip we’ll take up the action with to immediate effect for ‘I bring you love’ is your primal raw as f**k Captain Beefheart groove going toe to toe in a no holds barred bruising face off with Tom Waits for some killer bourbon soaked voodoo blues, dirty devilish dead eyed ramalama that howls like a beaten around the edges and wasted Gallon Drunk while speared to the kind of scowled blues ju-ju that imagines a two way fist fight between mojo Nixon and RL Burnside. As to the lead out cut ’twist up and tangle’ a searing shakedown strutting and scowling with all the primitive cut loose bombast and hell fire howl of the Jim Jones Revue with the devils poker up their tail pipe. Nuff said.

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