get the blessing

Absolutely no info on this but safe to say it was sent over as a track for consideration and had us wigging out cutting strange shapes across the listening space which for a person of advancing years has much alarmed neighbours to such an extent I dare say report features will soon appear in the local parish gazette with a side section saved for complaining comments. But how could we resist when the tantalising description read thus – ‘completely improvised album recorded in a potting shed – amazing jazz with subtle electronics’ – hell fire dudes we are ahead of you and currently printing t-shirts. Now I’ll admit that jazz is our Achilles heel but I’m gathering that I need not be a fully paid up member of the Miles Davis appreciation club to spot a killer slab of jazz ju-ju when I hear. Which neatly brings me on to Get the Blessing whose recently released set for Naim Jazz records features the quite remarkable ‘corniche’- an uber chilled slab of mooching boogie that wouldn’t look to out of place on Stereolab’s Duophonic label and at one time would have proudly taken up air space on Radio 3’s flagship ‘mixing it’ show, all at once free flowing and loose it’s the kind of thing you’d imagine being cooked up in the studio had the space been shared by Beefheart and Soft Machine and overseen by the Wizards of Twiddly, a kind of math jazz sub species that whiffs of Jim O’Rourke and yet simultaneously reaches back to dip and delight in the forays of those kraut schooled bands from the early 70’s whose palettes widened to incorporate and fuse freeform ethnic grooves, we’d also reference Ariel Kalma but I’m gathering you are way ahead of us already.

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