Be honest for a second, have you truthfully heard anything so beaming in bright crystalline sun glows as this little beauty from Honeybeat, from the moment its Stex styled Marr in exotic paradise setting riff spikes hark its start your literally swept up and taken by the hand to a forgotten world of pop’s teen trimmed golden age on a 5 minute odyssey that impishly cherry picks the finest moments of effervescent groove, a place where all at once Spector fuses into Studio 54 and the kitsch 60’s trimmings of St Etienne are let loose to blossom in full glorious rapture whilst from the sidings and with a slyly fond gaze towards France Gal a Spiller styled sassiness lays waste to the dance floor whilst between all this feel good radiance some neat moment of sophisticated torch sultriness seduces like nothing heard here since the smoky cool caress of musetta. Incidentally the tracks called ‘twinkling melancholy’ and its prized from their ‘winner’s identity’ set out via tanukineiri records……

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