Axxas / Abraxas

Something else we are saving for a closer listen next but two or three missives out – well next week in fact by our reckoning – is a new platter from the criminally cool Captured Tracks stable courtesy of Ben Asbury who prefers it seems to secret hide behind his chosen Axxa Aabraxas nom de plume. Enough of the why’s and the wherewithal for his self titled debut promises psych, 60’s garage, jangle pop and sunny melodies – well that’s what it say here on the press release and boy they weren’t kidding for despite only having a chance to briefly check out the sets opening brace we’ve been blown clean off our listening perch – ’on the run’ – a recent single no less – is a killer slab of strut grooved skin tight jeans and winkle picker wearing textbook rock-a-hula that pouts and swaggers with the spectre of Vince Taylor sitting high perched on its shoulder and smouldered in the blue mountain drive by cool of White Denim. Elsewhere opener ’all that’s passed’ is uber cooled in the soft seduction of fading sultry skies and sweetly crushed and basked in chime chirped west coast dimples that flirt and coolly smoke to the breathless opine of an as were studio gathering of Avi Buffalo and Summer Hymns types being hustled by a ‘copy cats’ era Johnny Thunders.

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