Must admit to feeling a bit of a div but I’m putting my hands up in saying that I haven’t a clue who this is by, well I do but the info is a little scatty – shall we settle for Cyborgdrive, who from what we can gather have been drafted in by way of special invitation to re-drill some choice cuts for a set entitled ‘Sequential Point – back to Zero’ via the Kalma imprint. Now this is where things get a little hazy – are Sequential Point the original artist – I’m lost and confused. As to the sounds no issues here for cyborgdrive’s rephrasing of ‘distant mountains’ is simply smoking. Agreed heavily indebted to Vangelis’ score for blade runner but hey who isn’t – but there’s a twist here that suggests its something you’d readily expect to be shimmering out of the front entrance of the exquisite and hugely fancied ear candy sound house that is Bureau B. An amorphous dream collage crafted upon a rarefied krautrock sub species lushly drizzled in subtle oriental motifs all spiked with a futuristic wide screen aura and lovingly traced with an affectionate trance trimmed nod to a certain Mr Jarre. Quite stunning if you ask me.

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