Now I’ll be totally honest in saying that when we got an email from an unnamed PR team asking us to preview a track by a band they were working with well we were expecting all manner of blood, gore and hellfire. Why so you might well ask, simply because said PR have an incurable knack of sending over sounds that more often than not sound like an oncoming Revelations styled storm. So there we where – tin hat, barricades and certain that we’d sured ourselves up for the inevitable sonic holocaust. And then something rather meek, mild and chirpily cute came tumbling from the speakers. And fools we felt I can tell standing there wearing kitchen utensils for makeshift battle armoury. Qui be their name, they hail stateside somewhere and ’awkward human interest’ heads up what we gather is an imminent debut. Really is a cutie blessed with stuttering ad hoc riffage that shuffles to an out of step time signature that you fear any second soon might just calamitously end up in a heap which all said had us recalling loosely a less agitant Playwrights, but then hit the 1.29 mark and something quite irresistible emerges, the harmonies crystallise into a mellowing honey crush and the riff line begin to smoke and opine deliciously to reveal a mercurial sun kissed glow whose craft seductively nods to the quietly cool sophistication of the Panda Gang nee BDI’s and the early career back catalogue of kitchenware records. http://www.soundcloud.com/tom-brumpton-pr/qui-awkward-human-interest

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