Shaping up to be an enjoyable listening excursion if what we hear by way of the opening brace of cuts are anything to judge by though we suspect that enjoyment might be excelled a tad by the acquiring of a pipe, the growing of a pointy goatee beard, a big thick cable stitch polar neck jumper and an hours worth of the practising of a thoughtful Maths lecture like stare into the distance. Imminent on the slow foot imprint I’ll have to admit that I want one of these as soon as for its by Prescott, the latest musical nom de plume from Stump man Kev Hopper here aided and abetted by Messrs Marsden and Byng. ’one did’ is a dizzying abstraction of doozy woozy math grooved art pop gouged floatiness dimpled in tightly arranged jazz accents all dinked in a far out library sound all indelibly rooted in an early 70’s flavouring that suggests it’ll arrive housed in a groovy flock wallpaper wraparound. As said we’ve quickly previewed the opening brace of cuts from the album, ’didism’ sumptuously found crookedly navigating what at first sounds like some acutely angular bastard off spring kookily conceived to soundtrack some deeply retro Open University prog whilst impishly straying into the cartoonish realms of ’danger mouse’ before emerging from out of the other side like some beard stroking deeply intense groove as were drawn from the collected mindset of a pairing of L’Augmentation and Pram types. ’Floored’ on the other hand is delightfully fancied in squirreling riff contortions and smoked in ad hoc time signatures and a heavily set jazz phrasing that suggests in the ranks exist admirers of Henry Cow. Head stewing stuff.

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