And I must thank, well er – he wants to remain anonymous for now – for getting in touch and turning our ears to his bands (Ak’Chamel) latest full length set ’pus ch’en’ (did I read right that there were 6 albums in all released last year) which is primed for fond words aplenty later in the week. An absolutely absorbing listening experience awaits with the trio utilising a wide spectrum of genre mutations to include Gregorian chants, haunting spirituals, chamber folk, far eastern incantations and more as to have you simply blown away with initial impressions drawing comparisons as broad and disparate as Preterite, Sand Snowman, Soriah, Volcanbo the Bear and most telling of all – the Residents. A purists witches brew. For now though a little visual delight to keep you going that captures a live rendition of ‘the giver of illness’ and revealing a more impish side to their persona.

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