processing room

I know I keep banging on about missing my regular goody bag packages of weirdness from the much missed Scotch Tapes imprint but here’s a little slice of disturbia that would have been prime groove for the label indelibly attuned to strange sounds from pop’s hidden inner core. Processing Room are duo Craig Wharton and Mark Robinson who according to the briefing notes have been collaborating together on and off since 1979 with ’landscape 3’ being their latest offering. Appealing to admirers of the insectoid collages crafted by Justin Wiggan in his many guises – most notably Roadside Picnic – and fellow aural landscaper Matt Bower in his Revenant Sea alter ego (Wizards Tell Lies will incidentally be tripping through these pages elsewhere very soon), best experienced from behind the sofa, with the lights on and in daylight, processing room cook up something deeply chilling and devoid of emotion. Drawn upon a minimalist palette of gloopy industrial textures, ominous drone swathes and alien pulsars, ’landscape 3’ portrays a post apocalyptic wasteland haunted by apparitions of days long lost, ghostly monastic chants and steeled and ravaged by a thick impenetrable macabre dread, approach with due care.

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