What say you to 30 minutes worth of dream drift loveliness. those of you fancying a little shut eye perchance of a spot of astral plane gliding might be well advised to don headphones, crank the volume full tilt and loose yourself in the milky ambi-contours of Spool. Released via big ear tapes and strictly limited in issue, like only 10 cassettes and 6 of them have been snapped up, Spool cyclonic suite may be just for you. alas no info on the authors though safe to say cut from the same kind of cloth that has adorned occasional releases passing out of the highly respected trensmat stable. ’pyramora’ is teased in mesmeric flotillas comprised of cosmic vapour trails and shimmering mind melts, beneath this and buried in the mix a celestial ceremonial siren opines beckoning you close, add to this the swirling glassy orbs and the demurring drone curvatures and the resulting effect is something that serves to put you into a deeply reclining trance toned peace. ’borealid’ makes up the collection and pretty much continues the voyage journeying ever deeper into the voids before gently returning home to wake and find yourself depressingly in the real world. Subscribers to the cassette release get a download code to retrieve a secret Spool track. http://www.bigeartapes.bandcamp.com/album/pyramora-borealid


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