Clearly making an early bid in the album of the year stakes in our gaff – and yours I sincerely hope or else we‘ll visit upon your dwelling and pin your ears to it – is the Tapete released full length from Brace/Choir entitled ‘turning on your double’. mentioned in passing a short while back here when we previewed the bollock dropping twin set ’5 fingered leap’ and ’satisfier’ both incidentally featured on this 8 track colossus, the former a slowly uncoiling psych drone drilled hymnal mantra imbibing on the smoky hazes of Bardo Pond and mystically threaded through a shadowy 60’s sonic vortex carved out by Jefferson Airplane and Curved Air, the latter a skull crunching cosmic meltdown that disciples perched at the astral altar of the hookworms would do well to bliss out to. ’turning on your double’ is slyly seductive in its spellbinding purr, its becoming craft enabled by the collectives refusal to nail their colours to one generic mast. Here you trip across the gorgeously willowy and uber chilled recline of the exquisitely shimmered ‘enemy’s friend’ whose west coast lazy eyed hallucinogenia pouts and purrs like a sedate whose parentage owes to a cross matching of Schizo Fun Addict and Werewolves DNA. Itself proving to be no slouch in the ear candy stakes the arresting opining detail of ‘be let down’ sumptuously purrs to a hushed hollowing hue that recalls the slow to burn artistry of galaxie 500 albeit here rephrasing from a Neil Young songbook. Elsewhere the fringe flipping monochromatic mantra that is‘fallman’ is subtly subdued in a late 60’s slinky strut grooved smokiness the kind of which might just turn heads aplenty among the psyched out sound loving fraternity. If howling desert dry twang-a-rama be your bag then the cool as f*** ’Coil’ ought to see you filling your boots while simultaneously instilling a nagging desire to revisit your flaming stars and devastations grooves of yore which leaves the expansive progian master class ’1 is 2’ to draw matters to closure though not before taking you by the hand for an astral ride on Floydian ocean waves piloted by Porcupine Tree.

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