caught in the wake forever

The first of two welcomed releases from the Greek based sound in silence imprint this one being a mini album by Caught in the Wake Forever (the other by absent without leave is primed to appear in the next missive). As with previous visitations this comes strictly limited to 200 hand numbered copies (ours for curious note takers being #161) all attractively packaged in hand stamped recycled cardboard envelopes replete with inserts. For the uninitiated like me, Caught in the Wake Forever is the musical nom de plume of Paisley based neo classicist composer Fraser McGowan who in recent memory has issued forth outings via such esteemed imprints as hibernate, audio gourmet, soft corridor and mini50 as well as occasionally shimmying up for collaborative musical mind melts with Yellow6, sheepdog and karina esp. ‘false haven’ is comprised of eight genteel blurry eyed suites that touch both the romance (as evidenced on the opening brace ‘I know I’ve suffered more than most’ and ‘a morning without decay’ – the former trimmed in Gnac like nocturnal flurries the latter traced to a softly yearned fragile demurring ache to sit between Antonymes and Satie) and the desolate (particularly the bruised wound licking ‘all that I try to console‘ tearfully trembled in a Vini Reilly detailing), all sweetly cured in intimacy and hitherto sensitively cradled in a porcelain stillness. there’s much here that touches base with the work of the aforementioned Yellow6 most notably the desiring ’castle semple loch’ temptingly teased in the slow seduction of 60’s noir pastorals tailored in shadow playing tapestry of Budd and Mancini – and incidentally the best moment of the set. Pushing it a close second the parting ‘this house is not the same’ sounds for all the world like a hurting heavyweight studio smooch between the Tindersticks and Arab Strap while as though freeze framing just a brief slice from fortdax’s elegantly disarming ’the cream inside your spine’ and magnifying the moment re-cutting and shaping it into a murmuring lullaby like lunar waltz


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